How to Use these Samples

The surfing samples represent the experience of playing a song progression only after a song is composed. Jamming is responsive with these simple Free Keyboard Hotkeys keeping your hands on your instrument.

Click on the Guitar

Once on the sample song, click on the guitar in order to advance to the next chord of the modal-progression.

As in a real modal-surf session, the progression must be loaded into the web-browsing session so that, thereafter, the 'forward' and 'back' buttons of the browser can control the accompaniment chords.

Get the Hotkey Script

This web-based tool works very well with a USB Footswitch which can allow a user to switch between successive chords, and mute audio when needed.

A suitable free alternative is to download a Hotkey Script which can allow, for example, the right arrow to advance the web-browser, the left arrow to go back, the down arrow to mute, and up to restart the page: Click Here.

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