Color-Guitar Hotkeys Download Page

Our Hotkeys Setup is made possible by the free software AutoHotkey for Windows.
We will plan to provide similar resources for Mac setups as soon as possible.


The script is provided as an .exe file and requires no installation. It can be Important! to exit the script when it is not in use. It will continue to cause webpages to change/refresh, and system volumes to change, until stopped.

This script is set so unused keys, such as the escape key, will automatically stop the script, returning your keyboard to normal. For your security, the file is automatically delivered by email using a trusted Email Responder provided by the web-service Cognito Forms. Once the file is downloaded, you can pin it to the taskbar for convenience, along with some Other Free Software we have found to be useful when using Modal-Surf.


Browser Forward: R Arrow, R Alt, R Ctr, R Shift, Enter

Browser Back: L Arrow, L Alt, L Ctr, CapsLock, Tab

Volume Up: PageUp, NumPad Plus   Down: PageDown, NumPad Minus

Mute Audio: Arrow Down, SpaceBar

Refresh Page: Arrow Up, [x], [c], [v], [b], [n], [m]

Assembling Songs: Use the Mouse and Numeric Keypad's [Enter Key]

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