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The Modal-Surf™ tool from Color-Guitar.Com enhances guitar practice by keeping notes "in key" including extended 8-note scales and including key changes within a song. It helps musicians choose notes and chords from which to make innovative solos, melodies and chord-progressions, in improvisation and composition.
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Color-Guitar Study-Books


Guitar Manual

This studybook provides tools and techniques for utilizing guitar; memorization of guitar notes and patterns is easier than ever.

While this studybook is being prepared, its information and more are delivered at the ModalSurfMember Site, where a special composition tool is also provided.


Map of Harmony

This comprehensive textbook is being developed. This video provides an overview, of the underlying system discovered of harmony.

In search of [ A Map of Music Harmony ] our company conducted 20 years of systematic experimentation and research involving a physical-science and perception-based approach, providing agility in all styles of music.

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